-  Who we are

7thHarmonic is a recording and rehearsal studio located along Gorgie Road in the Chesser area of Edinburgh. With specifically designed and built rooms for recording and practice it is the ideal place to rehearse your set for an upcoming gig, write some new songs, tighten some old ones and produce the best possible recording for those tracks, from a demo to a mastered recording for commercial release.

-  Brief outline of services

We offer recording, mixing, mastering in our specifically designed recording studio. We have designed our rooms to combine the need to create music in a comfortable environment with proper acoustic treatment to produce the greatest sound out of your instruments. We also offer a ideal place to practice for your band; all our rooms contain two guitar amps, bass amp, drum kit and PA system as standard in order to meet most band requirements. If you require any extra kit for your session, feel free to contact us and we should be able to accommodate your needs.

-  Bio

7th Harmonic is the idea of David Todd and Paul Wishart along with the business backing of Malcolm Todd. It was created to fill the void of practice facilities in the West side of Edinburgh. Having gone through an extensive amount of design and planning the place is now ready to go and cater to the needs of all types of musicians. With rooms designed specifically to eliminate room modes (see blog for more details) and thanks to the building knowledge of Tony Haddow (cheers man) we have a site that allows music to be made with little hassle and fuss.